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♦ MAG COATING – $275 / Set
This is a TCR signature process, we are the only wheel company that offers this.
We spent hours of development & testing to perfect this process.

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We take your OEM hubs, turn down the casting marks, apply the coating and then press the bearings in.
Please allow 7 – 10 business days for our Custom Mag Coating process.

♦ Hub Polishing – $250 / Set
TCR does all polishing in-house so we have quick turnaround.
We remove all casting marks first, then polish the hubs to a mirror finish.

Note: We do not polish the ends of the hub where the spoke heads are.
Please allow 2 – 5 business days for our Hub Polishing process.

♦ Machine Finish – $250 / Set
This will give your hubs that factory one-off look.
A very popular process!

Please allow 2 – 5 business days for machine finish process.

: questions  |  ANSWERS

Q: How is your mag coating different than Cerakote?
A: Cerakote is a much lighter/thinner form of powder coat — a topical paint and oven-bake procedure. Our mag coat is a chemical process that penetrates 0.008″ into the pours of the aluminum of the hub. A process that uses no heat.

Q: How does the mag coat hold up?
A: The final product is a harder surface area than the cast aluminum, you have to scratch 0.008″ into the hub to make a mark in it. As well, it cleans up very easily.

Q: Does turning the hubs down weaken the the hub?
A: We have done crush tests to prove that is does not weaken the hub.

  • View crush tests results HERE

With this proof, we have done Mag Coated hubs for Factory Rockstar Suzuki, Factory Off-Road Suzuki, Team Green Kawasaki, Star Yamaha,
Ty Davis Off-Road Yamaha Team and Travis Pastrana.