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Q: When you anodize rims, do you put the excel logo on it when finished?
A: No we do not, it will have no logo.

Q: Do you get the scratches out of my rims from tire irons?
A: We do spend time sanding the aluminum to minimize any scratching and gouges.

Q: My rims are black, can you anodize them blue?
A: Yes! All aluminum parts are anodized. If it is silver it is usually anodized clear. We have to strip them first before we can start any sanding, and all existing anodize must be stripped.

Q: How does your anodize hold up?
A: This depends on how -you- take care of it. If you let the parts sit in the sun for hours at a time, it will fade the color. UV rays are bad for anodizing. Do not use any chemical cleaners that have an acid base in it. Only use cleaners like Simple Green® or Mr. Clean®.
Harsh chemicals can and will ruin the anodize!

Q: If I give you more parts to anodize, do I get a price break?
A: No, we take each part, strip it and sand out any scratches and then polish the part. It is a lengthy process, if we have more parts to do, it takes the same amount of time to finish. It is not easier or faster the more parts we do. When finished, it comes out a glossy finished part. We can do matte finish upon request.

Q: How is your mag coating different than Cerakote?
A: Cerakote is a much lighter/thinner form of powder coat — a topical paint and oven-bake procedure. Our mag coat is a chemical process that penetrates 0.008″ into the pours of the aluminum of the hub. A process that uses no heat.

Q: How does the mag coat hold up?
A: The final product is a harder surface area than the cast aluminum, you have to scratch 0.008″ into the hub to make a mark in it. As well, it cleans up very easily.

Q: Does turning the hubs down weaken the the hub?
A: We have done crush tests to prove that is does not weaken the hub.

  • View crush tests results ⇒ HERE

With this proof, we have done Mag Coated hubs for Factory Rockstar Suzuki, Factory Off-Road Suzuki, Team Green Kawasaki, Star Yamaha, Ty Davis Off-Road Yamaha Team and Travis Pastrana.