: proof | CRUSH TEST

Crush tests prove that turning the hubs down does not weaken them.

  • Pictured left:  Stock OEM RM125 hub – failed at 4.5 tons of load.
  • Pictured center:  Powder Coated OEM RM125 hub – failed at 4.0 tons of load.
  • Pictured right: OEM RM125 hub – TCR Turned & Mag Coat process – took 5.5 tons of load. 

With this proof, we have done Mag Coated hubs for:

  • Factory Rockstar Suzuki
  • Factory Off-road Suzuki
  • Team Green Kawasaki
  • Star Yamaha
  • Ty Davis Off-road Yamaha Team
  • Travis Pastrana. 


: faq |

Q: Can you anodize my stock hubs red?
A: No. There are too many impurities in the oem castings for the color to properly come out. It has to be pure billet aluminum for a color to take.

Q: Is there a color that a OEM hub will take?
A: Black is the only color that will come out on a stock hub that looks acceptable. It comes out a matte a matte finish no matter how much the hub is polished before the anodizing process. It will not be a glossy black. Again, too many impurities in the stock oem cast aluminum hub

Q: Can you hard anodize my fork tubes gold to make them look like the factory bikes?
A: No. The factory tubes are Kashima coated, not anodize and is only done in Japan. Our hard gold anodizing will look like the new stock Suzuki RMZ forks or Öhlins forks.

Q: Can you powder coat my stock hubs red to look like they are anodized?
A: We do not powder coat modern day hubs. Research shows that if a stock hub is exposed to heat in excess of 250 degrees F. for any length of time, the heat will break down the molecules in the casting causing the aluminum to become brittle and break much easier.
Powder coating process exposes the part to prolonged heating at 400 degrees F.