If you are building a vintage bike and want the use the original rims, we can get that original new look from them. We can take the original rims that have been sitting for 30+ years! We have a finishing process to bring all the pitted aluminum back to life. We can also refinish the original hubs and make new stainless steel spoke kits

  • RE-ANODIZE RIMS – $90 / Rim
  • POWDER COAT HUBS – Starting at: $60 / hub
  • STAINLESS STEEL (SST) SPOKE KITS – Starting at $124.95
  • POLISHING AVAILABLE ON NEW STAINLESS STEEL (SST) SPOKE KITS – an additional $68 / Kit (new kits only)

We can also replace your old vintage rims with new rims with the correct spoke hole angles for the person that wants to race their vintage bike rather than showing it.

We also offer new Excel rims for vintage:

  • EXCEL RIMS – starting at $201 / Rim 
  • SUN RIMS – starting at $222 / Rim 

Download our work-order service form: